Genre: The Tragedy

This is another post from ye-olden-days (ie 2013) and was written with a very specific purpose after some rather negative reviews on my first novel Godhead. It is especially appropriate after sharing this contemporary rant Talkin’ About Tolkien.) Genre: I loved it once. The word, the very concept, that delightful French-style curl on the ‘-r’ that makes it less of a word and […]

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It’s A Jurassic World After All

No, I don’t know why they continue to keep (re)making sequels and prequels and spiritual successors to films that don’t really needs to be fiddled with. This is the rant that I was ready to go on about Jurassic World. And probably many people like me, 20-and-30-and-something-somethings: “why are you messing with the original?” Except…that’s sort of what Jurassic Park is all about, isn’t it? Messing […]

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