DC Win Wednesday

Let’s talk about that Suicide Squad trailer then. My Wednesday was off to a dodgy start anyway (having one of those weeks) until I saw this. There is nothing about this trailer that I don’t like, perhaps even love; for the first time in my life, Harley Quinn is bearable (actually, entertaining and interesting); that musical choice is so amazing, it’ll push the song […]

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The Starman

In the face of impending death, a man writes about…well, his impending death. He looks the grim reaper straight in the eye. And he smiles. This is not a work of fiction: this is a true story that is hitting the news today. Today, we’ve been given a gift, one of the most powerful things an artist will ever do, […]

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Farewell, X-Men

It’s been a while since I’ve read comics properly. Real-life got in the way (real-life leaning towards a brain tumour and multiple surgeries and chemotherapy and radiotherapy.) I just didn’t have the time for fantasy and drama and fiction any longer. That broke my heart. The X-Men were and are a powerful metaphor for life for many reasons. So when Uncanny […]

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