DC Win Wednesday

Let’s talk about that Suicide Squad trailer then.

My Wednesday was off to a dodgy start anyway (having one of those weeks) until I saw this.

There is nothing about this trailer that I don’t like, perhaps even love; for the first time in my life, Harley Quinn is bearable (actually, entertaining and interesting); that musical choice is so amazing, it’ll push the song (back) into the charts; and there’s just enough boom and  bang that I’m actually interested in this non-superhero-movie.

For reference, I haven’t been interested in a Marvel-studios movie in about five years (I’m still not decided on whether it was Iron Man 2 or Thor that broke me with its particular level of the banal that just didn’t interest me. They’re not bad films, don’t get me wrong; they just don’t do anything for me.)

Suicide Squad is due out August 2016 and with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice dropping in March, this is a pretty damned exciting year for me and movies. (Yeah, I know people hate DC movies now for some reason, and I also have X-Men: Apocalypse to look forward to, but it’s Wednesday, so let me enjoy it please?)

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